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An excerpt from "The Un-Civil War: BLACKS-vs-NIGGERS" Outro "19 QUESTIONS POSED TO TALEEB STARKES" 


 1.   What qualifies you to write a book exposing the African-American community’s “dirty laundry”?


Answer:  Actually, one doesn’t have to be “qualified” to communicate the truth. However, since my

‘eyes’ have witnessed massive NIGGERtivity, ‘ears’ have heard massive NIGGERtivity and overall being

has been massively impacted by NIGGERtivity, I’m actually, massively overqualified to write this book.

Contrary to the typical “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” coping mechanism used in our

community (which has allowed NIGGERS to continue their guerilla warfare without restraint), I will not

deliberately deny the existence of this subculture just to protect the image of the African-American

community or NIGGER interests… I’m no NIGGERfiliac. Denial is another reason why our so-called

“dirty laundry,” is destroying the fabric of our community.



The Chapters


      (Intro) "Why Write This Book?"

    1.    JuviNIGGERS

  2.  BLACKS vs Blacks (WNT)

  3.  Actually, It's not "Black on Black" Violence

  4.  The NIGGER-Tsunami's Destruction of Events and Public Commons

  5.  The Hood or Ghetto aka the "HoG"

  6.  NIGGERnomics

  7.  Historically NIGGER Correctional Universities (HNCUs)

      8.  Mistaken Identity and NIGGER Tax

  9.  Who's to Blame for NIGGERtivity

 10.  Abel Kills Cain

 11.  The Anti-NIGGER

 12.  What do NIGGERS Fear?

 13.  Memorandum to BLACK People

 14.  Memorandum to NIGGERS

 15.  Memorandum to Blacks (WNT)


     (Outro) "19 Questions posed to Taleeb Starkes"